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wheel alignment

An unbalanced wheel can be very dangerous on the road, do not take a chance with the safety of you and your loved ones. If your wheels are out of alignment, even a little, you will experience your vehicle pulling to the left or right even though you are driving on a straight road. With our expert wheel alignment services, we can ensure that your car drives perfectly. If you require puncture repairs, we can help. Check our puncture repairs page.

Our wheel alignment will keep your car on the right track

  • You hit a bad pothole

  • You hit the kerb

  • Your tyres show uneven wear

  • The steering wheel is off centre

Wheel alignment can help you when

Tread Right Tyres also offer a wide range of top quality tyres at competitive prices. For more details, check out our tyres page.

When you want expert wheel alignment, you can always rely on Tread Right Tyres Ltd in Manchester. Call us on

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